Competition Results

The Jury

During the month of September have undertaken the task of selecting 7 winning works from more than 13 Kg. of paper.

  • Ali LmrabetMoroccan journalist critical internationally recognized for his fight for freedom of the press, former director of the satirical weeklies Demain Magazine i Douman censored. Ali Lmrabet was sentenced to imprisonment for a comic (2003) and disqualified for 10 years for the exercise of their profession, journalism (2005-2015). He remains firmly committed to satire and humor des drawing as a weapon of struggle for freedom.
  • Jaume CapdevilaCurrículum, He use the pseudonym of Jaume Capdevila to go out to the street. He sleep under a drawing table, and his usual feed is gnawing pencils and swallowing soups of ink with shavings of rubber. Some strange default in his eyes is the cause that he see all the people bigheaded, long nosed and with prominent ears -especially the politicians- and he love to draw them like this in his cartoons.
  • Mireia Bazagalabor lawyer, criminal, civil and Legal Secretary of CGT Catalunya. Your day to day is to exercise the defense of people affected their rights, and to do so, disguised in a robe with which he walks by the courts to defend the working class and workers.
  • Moisès Rial, Trabajador Social, Work Insertor i ICT consultant. Communications Secretary CGT Catalunya. 
  • Paloma Fuentes, Oliva’s association member, peasant at the Cooperativa de Producció i Consum Ecològica “La Datzira”.

The Winning Works.

  • First Prize

El The first prize winner is the author Galym Boranbayev Galym” of Kazakhstan. Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Almaty, is press cartoonist in the daily founded in 1921 in Kazakh language Zhas Alash“. The author has won awards in various international competitions in Romania, Russia, Iran, South Korea, Germany, Luxembourg, Syria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and China, among others.

  • Second Prize

The second prize winner is Liviu Stanila, Romania. It is a cartoonist and illustrator of children books since 1986. He has participated in shows in various countries including Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Turkey and Uruguay.

  • Third Prize:

The third prize winner is the author Ferran Martin Ferran”. He is a freelance artist who works as a press cartoonist, caricaturist and editorial illustrator. He has collaborated with the various spanian satirical magazines . He has also collaborated with different means of digital media as “e-noticies” or “The” or in La República, where he currently works. He participated in the creation of some books of humor: Enfoteu-vos-en” (Angle Publishing, 2012), “Tocant els borbons(Angle Publishing, 2013); “Any de sobres (Ed. Efadós, 2013). 2014 anthology published a compilation of his best editorial cartoons with Efadós, entitled “Catacrack”.

  • Union Repression

The award is the author Galym Ehsan Ehsan, participating from Iran. Born south of the Persian lands, the author’s journalist and web designer. He has participated in various festivals, contests and international exhibitions, has worked in several Iranian newspapers and magazines now com Sharq, Etemad, Ebtekar, Maqreb Khat Khati, Keyhan Cricature.

  • Social Economy

The award is the author Todorovic Bobisa, Bobisa, participating from Serbia. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Belgrade. Throughout his career he has won 28 awards and has participated in 130 exhibitions and displays by various parts of the world like Turkey, Slovakia or Argentina.

  • Labous Security and Health


The winner is David Vela, an Aragonese author, who has participated in this work inspired by a painting by Fernand Léger. As a cartoonist, the author has obtained more than 30 national and international awards. In 2012 he won a second prize and a third in 2014 in the World Press Cartoon. He has also won prizes in competitions organized from Lleida, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Italy, among others.

  • Labour and Family Conciliation

The award is Doru Axinte, author of Romania. Degree in Law. He currently works as a freelance artist in various print media like press cartoonist. He has participated in various international exhibitions and competitions. Among others, he has won awards, Syria, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Map of participation

mapamundi 2265 cartoonests Primer Concurs Internacional d’Humor Gràfic sobre Drets Laborals They have given us works from: Algeria, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Catalonia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, Spain, United States, Estonia, France, Philippines , Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Syria , South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Chile, Chiina, Cyprus; from 56 states around the world.



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